Paris by Teatime

Are you ready for your next cycling challenge?

Makesweat is delighted to announce Paris by Teatime, an overnight 180 mile ride from central London to the Eiffel Tour, with only 24 hours on the clock.

After a quick cup of tea at 5pm on Friday you’ll set off from Big Ben in Westminster, headed for the south coast. You’ve got five hours and 70 miles to catch the Newhaven ferry.

Sleep if you can before arrival at Dieppe at 3am; then it’s back on the bike for 110 miles to Paris. Will you reach the Eiffel Tour in under 24 hours, and in time for tea? You won’t have too long to relax before putting on your finery and heading out to dinner to celebrate your achievements.

This adventure is suitable for enthusiastic riders for whom it may be a first experience of a long supported ride, and riding overnight. We will ride as mixed-gender groups and support eachother throughout, with drink and food stops provided every 1.5 – 3 hours.

While the pace will not be extreme, riding for long distances does take some experience in comfort on the bike and nutrition. We will arrange 120 mile rides in March and April 2018 to help you get ready. Attendance on one of these rides, or a similar Strava recorded ride, is required to start PbT. You will need a road bike.

The ride is non-profit and ideal for a charity challenge. Your entry fee (approx 100gbp) will cover.

  • Support vehicle per 10 riders
  • Newhaven-Dieppe ferry
  • PbT medal