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Are you looking to reduce your administration and take payments online?
Simply create a calendar of your classes with Makesweat and start taking bookings today!

We take the hassle out of taking cash payments making it easy for you to promote your classes to your clients.

Your first three months with Makesweat are free*
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Why choose us?

No monthly fees and no minimum contract periods

Whether you’re looking for a booking platform for just one class per week at one location, or one hundred classes across multiple sites!..We don’t charge monthly fees and we don’t have a minimum contract period.

Easy to use

You classes will appear on our live calendar which can be embedded onto your website and/or Facebook page making it easy for your clients to book.

Free support and help setting up

It’s easy to set up your classes online with Makesweat, but if you need some extra support we’re here to help.
We make it easy for you to get your classes online so you can get on with what you do best… teaching great classes!
Contact us to find out more and let us help you set up your first class.

Help to promote you and your classes

All your classes will appear on so visitors to our website can book onto one of your sessions. We also feature choice classes every week on our social media accounts and offer opportunities for you to write guest blog posts on our site where you can promote your website and your classes (great to drive traffic to your website!)

Safe and secure payment processing

We’ve partnered with trusted payment processing company Stripe to ensure highly secure payment processing for you and your clients.

Value for money with low transaction fees

We know how important value for money is for freelance instructors and small businesses like you.
That’s why we offer your first three months with us for free*
After your first three months we just add a small 2% per transaction fee on card payments.

We are confident that the cost of using Makesweat* is lower than any other booking management platform – we’ve checked! And because we’re the same cost as Paypal, if you’re already using Paypal for any aspect of your club, moving to Makesweat is cost neutral yet with a whole host of benefits!!

What can Makesweat do for you?

  • A live calendar of all your classes featured both on and embedded on your own website and/or your Facebook page using our easy widgets. Making it easy for you to showcase and promote your classes to new and existing clients.
  • Your clients can book & pay for any class on your calendar and receive a booking confirmation.
  • Manage your class register and cap class numbers.
  • Options to use Makesweat for one-off or pay-as-you-go payments from your clients, or give clients the option to buy class passes or membership.
  • Take bookings for and promote one-off retreats and events.
  • Take bookings for free classes or events at no cost to you (perhaps for social outings or charity events)
  • Save and record your clients’ contact details and information securely.
    You can use Makesweat to ask for additional client information. For example; emergency contact details, birthday’s or health questionnaire (PARQ).
  • Set up class passes – Your clients can buy a pass once for their first session, and then book onto later sessions using the same pass until it runs out. Passes can expire after a set date or after a certain number of uses. Automatically recurring passes are supported.
  • Work with other instructors or own a studio(s)? Options for multiple administrators, classes and locations.
    Contact us to find out more about what else we can do for you.

Join Makesweat today

You can create an account on Makesweat for free and start taking bookings for your classes today. Watch our Youtube videos if you need some help setting setup

Alternatively you can contact us using the form below if you need some help getting started or have any questions, we’re here to help and don’t charge for support.


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*First three months for free offer – No Makesweat transaction fees on card payments in your first three months.
Standard card fees from card suppliers still apply. Find out more about our pricing structure