Sometimes emails don’t get to customers as they should; this guide explains what might go wrong, and what you can do.


How it works

Makesweat sends out emails to customers for many reasons; new accounts, password resets, signing up to events, etc. When we send an email, the text of every email is stored in the customer’s message store, and is also copied to us at a monitored email inbox.


Common problems

There are two likely reasons why emails may not arrive.

1. The customer has entered their email incorrectly.
2. Problems with the customer’s email inbox; emails rejected completely as spam, emails diverted into a spam folder.


What to do

When a customer tells you emails aren’t being received, run through this list.

1. Check the customer’s email on Makesweat. If it doesn’t match, change it.
2. Check that the customer has signed up to an event. If a card payment failed, the customer would not receive notification.
3. Ask the customer to carefully check their spam folder.
4. If you find emails are consistently ending up in spam folders, ask the customer to forward an email to you so that you can examine it – try to make sure you get the full email headers.
5. To send test emails to yourself, create a new Makesweat account with an email address that you control, and sign in and out of events or ask for password resets. If you need specific tracking text in the email, change the account First Name to the required text.