Help : Admin : Passes : Editing a client's pass

Go your club administration area (Read about how to Get to your Club Administration area)

Click on ‘Followers & Clients’ and find the client; click on the name to edit their profile.

Click on ‘Passes’ to see their active passes (you can also give them new passes from here).



The client’s passes are shown. Passes in green have an expiry date more than a month into the future; orange/yellow expire in less than a month.

When a client pass is created its expiry date is set based on the purchase date and the pass type duration (set when you create a pass type). If you change the pass type duration it will not affect any passes that are already owned by clients.

To edit an existing pass, click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Edit pass’ in the popup.



In this popup you can edit the Start and Expiry date; and also set whether a pass has expired or not. Note that if you set the Expiry Date to the past, the system will automatically expire it, even if you have set it to be valid.

(Add Payment allows you to create a payment record for the pass; this is relevant if the pass was originally given without payment being taken.)

Make sure to click Save to apply.