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Makesweat offers two fee structures…

(Note that Stripe will always deduct 1.4% + 20p from all payments, whichever structure you’re currently on.)


Pay as you go

This is the default. Every customer payment has 3% deducted from it. So if a customer pays £10, we deduct 30p from the payment. This is great for most businesses as it means that during quiet periods you don’t need to pay fixed fees.


Scale Up – Fixed monthly at £49 per month

Once your business revenue often exceeds of £1,700 per month we are pleased to support your growth with a discounted monthly cost to fix your fees at an equivalent of below 3% per transaction.


  • Please check with us that this is suitable for your business *
  • To sign up for monthly payments using GoCardless Direct Debits, follow this link – Makesweat Scale Up
  • Once your GoCardless payment is set up (usually takes about 7 days) we will set your Makesweat fees to 0%.
  • You will be charged each month; if your payment can’t be taken you will revert to the 3% Pay As You Go structure.
  • You can cancel your GoCardless Direct Debit at any time and your fee structure will revert to 3% at the end of the current payment period. (e.g. if your payments are usually taken on the 3rd of the month and you cancel on the 15th, you will revert to 3% on the next 3rd of the month.


* Please note that this is a special discretionary reduction and not suitable for all customers. You should only join this structure if you intend to remain on it for the foreseeable future; it is not suitable for businesses that have heavily seasonal revenues as we do not support repeatedly moving on and off the fixed rate.