I’m consider moving from a spreadsheet…

So you’ve got a few clients, and you’re operating with a Facebook or Whatsapp group, and taking payments via BACS or Paypal. Why bother with a booking system?

We get this question a lot, so here are our thoughts!

The first immediate benefit you’d likely notice is a reduction in last-minute cancellations; teachers tend to set up a 12 hour cancellation, and then ‘blame the system’ (!) when clients aren’t able to cancel last minute – saving you from lost income. This usually more than pays for the booking system. You can of course override the system when there’s a good reason.

The less immediate yet significant benefits can be summarised as

  • Perception of professionalism for new and existing clients; as well as helping with a more structured teacher/client relationship, this may make it possible to align your fees with local providers who do have the website & online booking.
  • No loss of control; you can still run friendly Facebook groups and offer the same level of personal service; but all money discussions can go through the website. Almost like having an agent or a personal assistant.
  • Less time on admin; more time to teach or find new clients.
  • Access to service such as Google My Business, which will find you local clients – but you really do need a website to get any benefits from these.
  • Cost┬áneutral – Our Pay As You Go tier is (deliberately) similar to the cost of transferring money via Paypal, and the website design & hosting is free.


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