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Website questions

Will my website be a or .com? or is this dependent on the domain name?

You choose and buy your domain name; we help you to point it to our servers. We’re tend to recommend a if you’re UK based.

Can I add my custom logo and colours, fonts etc.?

Logos, yes. We have a number of standard styles with attractive fonts; if you want complete fine-grained control of all elements and to have your own specific font then you may require a bespoke website; we are happy to put you in contact with reputable designers.

Some sites have a “theme” – do you have options or do I have to purchase this separately ? eg yoga teachers form site use “site origin”

We have several options on this. Our themes are not the same as WordPress themes.

Get help page: redirects to Makesweat site, can this be different?

Some parts of the websites direct to parts of Makesweat, such as our help system. We are working towards more complete white-labelling as a general ambition; your site will always be ‘Powered by Makesweat’, and this will be satisfactory for most of your customers.

Can the website show the creator and host name? – I feel this is important to show that it has been designed by a professional and another small business  and is not a wix or similar freebie.

You are welcome to put your own content on a page to explain this. While it might be important to some customers they will be in the tiny minority.

What about copyright? How can the content of my site be protected?

The site does not operate outside our hosting system, so you cannot ‘export’ it elsewhere as a standalone site. You own the text & images.

What about cookies? what are they? do I need them? Will my site use cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data that persist on the user’s browser. Makesweat strictly speaking doesn’t use cookies.

Is the site protected? eg by reCaptcha and the google privacy policy and terms of service apply?

We would need to understand what you wish to be protected against. Makesweat is a secure platform and has processed hundreds of thousands of pounds without any fraud.

Will the site be optimised for mobile phones, ipads or other devices?


Is the scope for collecting a mailing list on the site? eg on the market day I would want to ask customers to sign up to a mailing list and want to do it via the site rather than use pen and paper.

Yes, this is standard functionality

Can I add promotional discount codes? eg xmas market day?

Yes, by creating specific passes with codes.

General Questions

What are all the fees that we would incur?

Fees are covered here. . There’s no monthly fee or customisation cost, and no tie in period. The standard Makesweat-based payment flow is exactly the same price as Paypal; for an extra 1%, you get the Integrated Flow version, which means the customer can purchase a session or pass without leaving your site. If you go for Integrated Flow, we’ll all help you with setup and customisation, and provide customised reports.

Are we able to maintain our brand and credits as non transferable to other platforms?

Passes are specific to each organisation/club and are non-transferrable. We have zero interest in creating another ClassPass. The only tweak that might be required here is that some central/HQ passes could be valid for associated organisations. This isn’t a problem.

What data are we looking at getting out of the end? Are we able to export this data?

There are a number of reports; all data is captured on Makesweat (sessions, attendees, the passes they used, the payment for the pass, who did what, etc.). For Integrated Flow customers, we can either replicate the reports you already like, or create new ones to your specification. Makesweat produces proper Excel download reports.

How would support issues/ training be handled?

Makesweat already has a number of videos on Youtube, and these are the first call. We’ll provide initial training (*1) , and be available by phone and email in case of problems. If you wanted us to train your franchisees there would be a cost for that. The provider organisation (you) are the first line support for your customers, as most support calls will relate to your passes and rules around booking/cancelling. If you think there’s a core issue with Makesweat, or a user has got their account into a state where you can’t help them, we’ll of course be pleased to step in urgently.

Do you have the capacity for promotions?

Promotions are supported; either with voucher discount codes for a percentage rate or fixed discount, or by creating custom lower-priced passes for sessions.

Can you do customer referral benefits and tracking?

We are open to running a counter of specific referral codes; please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Do you have the capacity for event or one off bookings?

Yes, this is fully supported. We may be able to offer commission discounts for larger ticket items, e.g. holidays.

Are you able to send automated emails to participants following certain events?

We are keen to extend the value of sessions by engaging customers afterwards by email or SMS, as this is the best time to create future bookings. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Are we able to allocate instructors to sessions, which limits their field of view within the site and tracks their performance. Eg number of players/attendees?

Yes, it is standard functionality to have one or more ‘Leaders’ for a session; they are able to set attendance, capture new attendee details, and view data for the attendees (in case of emergencies).

Are there any other functions that you know don’t yet have that are either in progress or you’re not going to add zingfit/MBO do have?

We aren’t led by MBO but do have a view of their functionality. Makesweat has been designed to be more flexible than MBO especially around franchising and small organisations, and much more focussed on facilitating social interaction and ‘glue’. Our website and apps are both provider and customer focussed, whereas MBO are less interested in the customer experience side (although it has recently improved). MBO will have more depth for particular customer types, and this is a reflection of their size and longevity in the market. This is why at Makesweat we’re focussed on listening to your requirements, and quickly adding solutions to our core product.

Functionality pipeline (as of February 2017)

  • Integrated Flow; keep your customers on your website. This functionality is new and we can demonstrate seamless integration on your site.
  • Waitlisting; ideal for optimising capacity & income by automating queuing. Due for release late Feb 2017.
  • Point Of Sale POS; the ability to collect payment by card through Makesweat, face to face with your customer. Initially this will be entering the customer’s card details on their behalf, and we’ll consider integrating a POS card reader if there’s demand for this. POS means you can charge customers anytime you have an internet connection, or record cash receipt. First iteration due for release late March 2017.
  • Facebook widget; display upcoming sessions on your Facebook page. We haven’t yet been asked for this, it’s probably the next on the list.
  • Tight integration to Mailchimp; keep a live link between people who’ve paid through Makesweat and your marketing mail list. This is possible using a report at the moment anyway, so this would be for timesaving.

Switching over, if we get a full customer/members list and current package with us, are you able to upload that onto your site as new accounts, without us having to ask all our customers to manually transfer over?

Yes, we can upload all current users and their current credits by converting these to passes. User importing is automated, credits are semi-automated. It is likely users will need to reset their passwords – although we will consider whether we can import passwrods.

If we decided to build our own app, would it be possible to get an API from you guys to plug in?

Yes, the Makesweat core services can support 3rd party apps; the Integrated Flow widget is technically a 3rd party app. If you’re considering investing in your own app, please ask us about bespoke app development as we could re-use significant parts of our front-end and app code to reduce your costs. Bespoke app development may also incur an ongoing service and maintenance cost, whether we or someone else provides it.

Can we set up joining fees? And or have something like, buy one month get one free?

Yes, this is possible. A joining fee is very similar to a year membership, but you could set it to to a very long duration. One month free is feasible, easiest to deliver my manually extending a user’s pass for lower user volumes.


Integration and customisation

Is there any way not to see that orange? Call me weird if you want, but I really can’t stand that colour.

You can fully customise the widget and the dialogs for the Integrated Flow on your site. Sadly the orange can’t be changed on the main Makesweat site – sorry you don’t like it!

When users log in, I’d rather they don’t see the other clubs, is that possible?

If a user comes from your site, they will land directly onto the particular event. If they login from the home Makesweat page, they’ll see the upcoming events from active clubs. At the moment, these aren’t filtered to be similar to your organisations.

If you want to maintain the booking process on your site where other clubs wouldn’t be shown and you can maintain control of your branding, the Integrated Flow integration will be most suitable for you.

The terminology ‘clubs’ is off, per above (‘studios’ would be more appropriate)

Once you’re on the main Makesweat site, there are a mixture of amateur clubs, studios, gyms and personal trainers. We think ‘Clubs’ is the best generic term across these; we’re open to suggestions.

I don’t want my customer to see who else or how many are coming to one of my sessions

We can configure your organisation to not show event attendees for any of your sessions.

Franchise/Group specific questions

Can we flex the price between franchisees?

There are two answers to this. Yes, each franchisee is a separate organisation so their prices for passes are separate. And, if you charge your franchisees a commission, we can collect your franchisor commission before it is paid to the franchisee.

We would like to have oversight of the franchisee’s classes, numbers and bookings & data in addition to the franchisees themselves. But for the franchisee to be paid directly through Makesweat and to pay Makesweat transaction fees.

As a Makesweat user you can be admin of as many clubs as you wish. We suggest that the franchisor admins have equal admin privileges to your franchisees. This is actually a really good idea if franchisees need emergency support; illness etc.

Would there be the possibility of us creating a franchise app, where Makesweat is inserted?

We are open to creating a cut-down version of our app which features only events for your club. We would use the MBO Ultimate plan as a price guide if a customer wanted this, with either a tie-in or fixed cost. Unfortunately providing custom apps, with support and upgrades, is expensive but we will do our best to help if you feel you want to create a fully integrated brand experience.

How do I set the dates, class limits, end date for the class pass to be used by etc.?

All your admin is done through the main website. So login there and use the Youtube guides to help you edit your classes.

Class Management

Can cash be taken for classes?

Yes, you can take cash for classes and note this on Makesweat. Cash payments are shown in reports with card payments.

Is it possible to limit class sizes, and add extra capacity if it’s available?

Yes, as an administrator you can add extra attendees, even if this exceeds the class limit you have set. You can also change the class size at any time.

*1 – The benefit is only available to Integrated Flow customers