The Makesweat Widget provides a number of tracking events which you can use to tie to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Register your own function as follows…

window.Widget_Track_Callback = function(label, object) {
  alert( label + " was sent by the Makesweat widget.");

The following labels are fired. You can use any properties of the supplied objects for your tracking system.


  • WIDGET_CREATED_USER – A new user has created an account
  • WIDGET_LOGGED_IN – A user has logged in
  • WIDGET_PASS_LIST – A user has clicked on an event and can now see a list of passes associated with this event.
  • WIDGET_JOINED_EVENT – A user clicked on an existing pass and joined an event
  • WIDGET_PASS_SELECTED – A user clicked on a pass type they don’t have
  • WIDGET_PAYMENT_SUCCESS – A user payment succeeded
  • WIDGET_PAYMENT_FAIL – A user payment failed