Help : Admin : PARQ and example questions


Makesweat makes it easy to capture important information about your customers – namely, do they have any existing conditions that could affect their ability to exercise, and that they understand that they’re exercising at their own risk.

These questions are asked after a customer has selected a pass and before they pay – so it’s very important that you don’t ask too many. We think there are three questions that are totally critical so do make sure you add these.

Our recommended minimum questions

Title: Existing conditions, or type No

Description: Please let us know if you have any existing conditions, or type No. Existing conditions may include being pregnant, back pain, medications, etc. If you have any doubt please enter it here or contact us.


Title: I’m happy to exercise at my own risk

Description: I understand that whether via online class or in person that I am responsible for my own wellbeing and am happy to exercise at my own risk.


Title: Emergency contact

Description: Please provide a contact in the event of emergency.


Adding the questions

Head  to your Admin area, then click on Data & PARQ.