Help : Admin : Shop : Selling products

The Makesweat shop feature helps you to sell products (usually items to be handed to your exercise clients), gift vouchers, and catchup videos that are stored on Vimeo.

The shop functionality is relatively new; it is fully tested and we are committed to supporting it, and features generally improve as we learn more about how our customers (you!) want to use the features. If you can think of a way we can make it better, please do tell us.

To get to the shop, go to your admin area, then select ‘Shop’ from the left hand menu.

You’ll land on the shop ‘To-Do’ list – this will be the list of products that you need to hand over to customers.

To add a new product, click ‘Products’ on the top right, then click the green plus symbol to enter the new product form.



Product title – a brief description of what you are selling

Cost – Just enter the cost as a number. The currency will be taken care of by your site settings

Listed – Set to Yes. This allows you to save the item but take it off the shop if you don’t want it visible.

Gift Voucher – this allows you to sell one of your types of pass as a gift voucher. Read about gift vouchers.

Private Info – If you’re selling private links, such as videos on Vimeo or Youtube, enter it here. This will be supplied the customer when they purchase the item.

Description – a longer description of the item, to include how to collect or redeem it.

Then click ‘Create new product’. This will create the new item, and you’ll be taken back to the list of all items.

Click the newly created product to edit it – we need to add a picture.

You’ll notice a new tab bar, including ‘Pictures’ click it to show the above screen, then click the green plus to add a picture. Upload a picture from your computer or phone.



Once uploaded, click the picture and make sure to ‘Set as product picture’.

The product is now live and ready for purchase!