Help : Creating a website... : Authorising us to set up your domain

By now, you’ve hopefully registered a domain with (or another provider). If not, please do this now. We are very happy to set up this domain for you – we need authorisation from you to do this.

Many domain registrars have a method where a manager can be set up for a domain. This is the most secure option as it means we never know your domain login details and we recommend you use this method. If you are comfortable to do so, please feel free to provide us with your username and email login.


Authorising Namecheap

Please read this guide, as this is the most up-to-date version. We’ve provided the necessary answers below.

Namecheap Help : How do I share access to my domain with other users?

  • ‘New manager’ – We will provide our Namecheap user name separately for security reasons.
  • Untick ‘Services’ – we don’t need this
  • Untick ‘Sharing & Transfer’ – we don’t need this
  • Tick ‘Advanced DNS’, and tick all boxes in this section


Authorising other domain registrars

Please let us know your registrar and we’ll add the information here.