Help : Using Makesweat : Pass expiry

A pass is a bit like a voucher, and gets you entry to an event or class that allows that type of pass. A pass might be valid for a single class or event, or might be valid for 10 events (like a pack of yoga classes). Some passes are valid for an unlimited number of events (e.g. a month of Pilates classes). All passes have an expiry date.

We want you to have an seamless experience of when booking so we have designed a really fair policy for what you can book with a pass. This avoids confusion and gives maximum flexibility; remember that the event provider is always entitled to ask you to pay for an event you’ve attended, even if there is a payment or date issue with the booking system.


For Unlimited passes

An unlimited pass allow you to book into as many qualifying events or classes as you wish for the lifetime of the pass.

You can actually book a qualifying event for any date after the start date of the pass – including after the expiry of the pass. This provides the best experience as it would otherwise be annoying if you wanted to book a week ahead and your pass was due to expire in a few days.

Even though you can book into an event beyond the expiry date of the pass do remember that you haven’t actually paid for this event until you renew your Unlimited pass. The provider is entitled to ask you to pay for any events you attend if you don’t have an active pass at the time of the event.

WARNING! 24 hours before the event starts, we check whether you have bought a new pass that could be used for the event; if you haven’t, you may be cancelled from the event.


For multi passes

Multi passes can be used for one or more events but up to a limit; maybe 10 yoga classes. These passes have an expiry date, and give you a reasonable period of time to use the credits. Multi passes can only be used for the validity period of the pass, and not beyond the end date.



If you have a genuine reason why you’ve been unable to use your pass and it hass expired with credit on it, please contact the event provider to discuss an extension. The booking system provider ( cannot extend passes as this is a decision for the event provider.