The OpenActive data feed should be used for general information about updates. This endpoint allows live checking of event availability. See Partner Availability & Booking Intro for more information.


Example query



Base URL – Shared with our OpenActive feed. We anticipate that this feed will be superceded by an OpenActive standard.

geteventinfo – Verb. Specifies the action to be taken – return information about this event

eventid – A Makesweat EventID (must be owned by a club associated with the token)

token – Your Partner Access token.



  • EventID – Same as request
  • ClubID – Makesweat ClubID
  • Title & Description – Provided in case of changes since last OpenActive refresh
  • StartTime – YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format. Always UTC. Check OpenActive for event/club timezone
  • availability – 0 if no spaces free, 1 0 if spaces free. Booking will fail if availability = 0
  • List of passes
    • PasstypeID – Makesweat pass type identifier. Required when you make a booking.
    • Title & Notes
    • Cost – In the club’s currency. Check OpenActive for event/club currency
    • DefCredit – Number of events this pass is valid for, e.g. 10 x Yoga Classes
    • Duration – Number of days after which pass will auto-expire if not used