Help : Using Makesweat : Problems booking into an event

We do our best to make sure Makesweat available all the time and on every possible size and variation of PC, tablet and mobile phone. We are totally transparent about problems that we have – you can see whether Makesweat is operational via this page – .


Things to try…

If you’re using the Makesweat website, or booking through another website, make sure to refresh the website. This will make sure you have the latest information.

Check that you have a reliable internet connection. If you’re using a mobile phone or tablet, connection issues can lead to unreliable operation because the Makesweat app isn’t able to get information from our servers.

If you’ve tried both of those, logout and then close your browser. Then re-open your browser and login again.

If you aren’t able to create an account, it might be because someone from your club has created an account for you on Makesweat, in order to record your attendance. Please attempt a password reset (via the login screen).


Still having problems?

If you continue to have problems, please ask the organisation you’re booking with for their help in the first instance as we cannot change anything on their account without their permission. It is likely that they will be able to help you. If they are unable to help you, they will contact us. We require the following information in order to help you.

  1. The email address you used (or tried to use) with Makesweat.
  2. What you were trying to do with Makesweat – the event or booking you were trying to make, or operation on your profile or passes.
  3. The page or area where you first noticed a problem – maybe you couldn’t find a club, or when you clicked on a button, nothing happened.
  4. The device you used – maybe an iPhone 6, or Samsung Galaxy, or PC using Chrome / Firefox / Explorer.
  5. It would be super helpful if you could take a screenshot of the page that didn’t appear to be working (this isn’t essential).


Once we have this information we’ll look into the problem as soon as possible and contact your club with next steps.