Help : Creating a website... : Adding email addresses to your new domain

There a many ways of using and hosting email and this goes beyond what we can cover here. Once again, we advise a simple approach where possible; to create an address on your new domain, that forwards to your existing email account on google, yahoo, etc. Having your email come into one place makes it much less likely that you’ll miss messages.


Email forwarding on is our suggested domain registrar, and we’ve included the process for namecheap here.

How to set up free email forwarding on Namecheap

This guide is fairly comprehensive so should be useful. Namecheap does not allow you to send one email to multiple recipients; you may be able to set up rules on your main email address so that emails sent to your domain are automatically forwarded to another recipient.


Top tips

  • info@ is the most commonly used general purpose email address on a domain, so definitely worth setting this up.
  • If you have multiple teachers or leaders in your organisation, you may want to add multiple forwarding addresses. carrie@, steve@, etc.
  • Where possible do not include an email address on your website – it will attract spam.
  • You may find emails initially go into your gmail spam folder because gmail may be confused by receiving emails that were originally sent to a different address. Make sure to remove them from spam to train gmail that they are allowed.