Help : Admin : Events : Add a new person to an event

We hope that most people will sign themselves in to events. However, there will always be times where you will need to do it for them.

Read how to Add and remove attendees for people if they are already following your club. This guide helps you to add people who are not followers of your club. To get to the search box in the image below, follow Add and remove attendees .

As an example, let’s try to add ‘Jonas Smith’

Various possible matches are shown, but not Jonas Smith. Click the plus button (highlighted in red) to add a new person.

It is possible that the person has a Makesweat account but is just not currently following your club (so you don’t see them in the main list). So type in their email address and look in the top window, which can scroll from side to side. If they don’t appear, enter the first and last name and email address. You can create a user with a blank email address, but it’s strongly recommended that you do enter an address.

save image


If you can find the person based on their email address or name, click on them in the top window. Otherwise, click ‘Not Listed? Create new person’.

Makesweat will show two confirmation boxes and then show the attendee management dialog. You can look after the user in the same way that you would via Add and remove attendees .