Help : Creating a website... : Pointing your domain to Makesweat

Warning – this information is for your web administrator; usually, Makesweat will ask for management rights to your domain and we’ll be happy to set this up for you.

Our hosting server is Please point your root (@) domain and www sub-domain to this IP address.


Your root record

Type : A Record

Host : @

Value :


Your www record

Type : A Record

Host : www

Value :


Security record

You will also need to add a record to confirm we are permitted to host your site.

Type : TXT Record

Host : _mythic-beasts-challenge

Value : sWjD/QzZtqrw7BqzJj4Rf14FABl15P9/Q6oL3EGUbd4


Here’s how this looks on Namecheap.



Please tell us once you’ve done this via or email – we will activate the domain by creating SSL certificates for your domain on our server.


All done!