The booking API uses your Makesweat login account to determine your rights to book sessions. You need to be a level 2 or 3 admin for a club to make a booking.


Setting up booking on Makesweat

  1. Create an account on (normal user account)
  2. Follow or create a club. If you follow a club, you then need to ask an existing club administrator to set your admin level to 2 or 3 (See Following a club )
  3. The booking API needs a Makesweat User Identifier (token). A MUI is stored on your browser in Local Storage when you login with the ‘auto-login’ box checked.


Getting a Makesweat User Identifier (Not yet live)

Request: GET https://<username>:<password>

Response: {“success”:true,”mui”:”<Your Makesweat User Identifier>”,”UserID”:<Your UserID>}

All Makesweat booking requests

Request: https://mui:<Your MUI><path>