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Makesweat has successfully enabled many thousands of payments & bookings. More than 90% of customers are able to complete a purchase without any intervention; however, there will always be those customers that need a little extra help. If this page doesn’t get the customer up and running just drop us a note and we’ll be pleased to help you to help them.


Customer can’t reset password


  1. Go to any page or popup where customer is asked for an email address.
  2. Enter email and click Next or press Enter key.
  3. If the system has an account for this email, it will prompt for a password. It will also show a ‘Reset’ button; click this and a reset email will be sent.
  4. If the system has no account for the email, it will ask for a name and password to create an account.


  • We regularly observe customers using one email address to signup, then coming back a week later and trying to access their account with a different email address. Check the customer’s email address on the system, and make sure they’ve spelled it properly. It’s common for customers to mistype and have ‘.cm’ or ‘’ in email addresses.
  • If the customer claims to not be receiving emails, make sure they have actually checked their spam folder. We have had several instances where customers have claimed that they haven’t received emails, then on pressing said their emails turned up a week later – this is not how email works and is not possible. If they’ve entered the correct address, email will either go to their inbox or their spam folder within a few minutes.


“My pass doesn’t work”


  • Customer says they bought a pass but the system is broken and won’t let them join a class.
  • Customer says they bought a pass but it’s vanished and they have credit remaining.
  • Variations of the above!



  • First, make certain that the type of pass that the customer is trying to use is actually valid for the class they’re trying to book into. For example, a block of ten online classes probably isn’t valid for a 1:1. Also, make sure that you don’t have passes with very similar names.
  • Once a customer has bought a pass, it will expire for one of three reasons.
    • The expiry date is reached, at which point the pass is no longer valid. The expiry date is visible on any view of a pass.
    • The credit on the pass is reached. This is the same for single passes and blocks of ten; once the credit is used up, the pass is no longer valid. The number of uses of the pass is visible on any view of the pass.
    • The pass is a renewing type, and a renewal attempted, but failed because payment couldn’t be taken.



When you contact us, please make sure you have also reviewed this page ( and collected the required information.