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By default, every event or class is separate; the customer chooses to book into individual events, and cancel each as long as it’s before the cancellation time. Booking into one event doesn’t cause the customer to automatically book into any others.

You may want to offer courses, which are several classes where the customer books the first one and is automatically booked into the rest. To make this easy for customers, we’ve created the ability to mark certain passes as ‘Course’ passes.

(Read about how to Get to your Administration area)


  1. In Admin -> Passes, click the green plus symbol to create a Pass for the course; in the Advanced area, make sure to set the ‘Course Pass’ to ‘Yes’. Set the price and title as usual.
  2. On the pass, set the ‘Default Credit’ to the number of classes in the course, e.g. 3.
  3. For the pass Duration, make sure it has enough days from the current date (a pass starts as soon as the customer buys it) to cover all the classes.
  4. When you create or edit classes in the course, make sure all classes use the pass (in Edit Event -> Valid Passes). Classes can use other passes too if you might also want to offer single access to each class.
  5. When the customer buys the pass for any class in the course, they will be booked into all future (not yet started) classes that use the same type of pass (ordered by start time), up to the ‘Default Credit’ number of classes. So for a 3 class course, make sure to set the Default Credit to 3 in the pass.
  6. If there aren’t enough future classes found to use up the course pass, the pass remains live up to its ‘Duration’. At the expiry date, the pass will expire without warning the client (usually the customer receives a warning when a pass expires.)