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The Makesweat shop feature helps you to sell products (usually items to be handed to your exercise clients) and can also be used to sell gift vouchers.

You set up a gift voucher to buy one of your existing ‘Passes’, for example ‘Single mat class’. The customer adds the gift voucher to their basket and pays, and is then emailed a voucher code. This voucher code can be given to a friend, who can then use it to claim the ‘Single mat class’.

The Gift Voucher functionality is relatively new; it is fully tested and we are committed to supporting it, and features generally improve as we learn more about how our customers (you!) want to use the features. If you can think of a way we can make it better, please do tell us.

Read about setting up products

To sell a gift voucher, choose the Pass Type when creating or editing a product. You can use an existing pass type or create a new one.