We’re sports club members too

Makesweat was created to collect swimming payments for a London triathlon club; the club had experimented with cash and then other online systems, but none really fitted. We built Makesweat to take away almost all the administration from organising sessions; simply copy the previous session in your calendar to the new location, and your club members can sign in using our website or our app.

Club sports is in the DNA of Makesweat. We grew up as members of amateur sports clubs, and we understand the challenges of getting volunteers to lead sessions and for the less glamourous but equally (more!) essential club management. By removing administration and making it easy for members to sign in, your precious volunteer time can be spent where it’s most needed – helping your members.

Value for money

Getting the best value for money is essential. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stripe, who sit behind the scenes of many large organisations, and provide low cost card and highly secure payment processing. Makesweat adds a small fee based on card payments so that the total cost is exactly the same as transferring via Paypal (3.4% of each transaction, plus a 20p card processing fee). We don’t charge monthly fees and we don’t have a minimum contract period – it really is Pay-As-You-Go. We are confident that the cost of using Makesweat is lower than any other club management platform – we’ve checked! And because we’re the same cost as Paypal, if you’re already using Paypal for any aspect of your club, moving to Makesweat is cost neutral yet with a whole host of benefits.

So what can Makesweat do for your club?

  • A live calendar of all club training sessions & races, both on Makesweat.com and embedded on your club website using our easy widgets
    • Regular training sessions using passes or included in club membership
    • Free events (maybe a social outing)
    • One-off costs (Christmas dinners, etc.)
  • Your club members can book & pay if necessary for any session on your calendar
  • Multi-use passes. The member buys a pass once for the first session, and then books into later sessions using the same pass until it runs out. Passes can expire after a certain number of days or after a certain number of uses. Automatically recurring passes are supported.
  • Securely centralise all member information. We need to collect your members’ addresses to process card payments, so this information is available to all your club administrators. We can also ask for custom information that would usually go on your membership form, such as a member’s favourite activity or emergency contact.

What’s next?

We’d love to hear how we can help, so please use our Contact Us form. You’re welcome to create an account on Makesweat and then create your own club; while we’re happy to help, the whole process of getting onto Makesweat can be completed without our assistance. We’ve created Youtube videos to help, but if you get stuck, we’re here for you and don’t charge for support.


Makesweat – The easiest way to get your sports club online!


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