Kinds words from our customers

“Success! That is really easy.”

Louis, Cityhash, 8th Jan (Editing events)


“You will initially have to input some personal data which takes a minute or two. I was a little sceptical first time but I have used it 3 times and it’s dead easy. No need to look for change! You can cancel it if you can’t make the session – you only pay for what you do. Also, you can buy 6 swims for £30 ie pay for 5 and get one for free. NOTE 1: there is a user friendly android app for your phone (don’t know about iphones etc). NOTE 2: please upload a photo into your personal profile. Simples!”

Dave M, TWTC, by Facebook, 8th Jan 2017


“Hopefully soon we can migrate to this new system and manage the classes and cash flow more easily. ”

Jim Bonner, TWTC, by Facebook, 6th Jan 2017


“I found it was really quick to add everyone who turned up for our running club.”

Sharon, Cityhash, 3rd Jan 2017


“I was struck by how easy the system was to use, especially with the YouTube video – I thought it was really impressive.”

Ben HS, SLH, by Whatsapp to committee 1st Jan 2017


“I have been the secretary of South London Harriers Tri Club for four years. Over the last two years, allowing the coaches to spend their time coaching has become a key aim in my role. Previously collecting and banking cash to pay for swimming sessions (for example) had been laborious and impractical. (plus money tends to sink or become soggy poolside).

For the first year, I used a series of spreadsheets and a prebuilt management system, but whilst achieving the sole aim of removing cash handling, it had little user friendliness and used a great deal of effort.

Makesweat has transformed this. It has automated linking payments to sessions, making the data freely available and enabling the members to see how many swimming sessions they had whenever they like.

Recently our annual memberships have been due to renew. Makesweat by requiring an annual membership pass before purchasing swims has made a massive increase in renewal payments.

I know that we have only scratched the surface of the potential for Makesweat to help the club but that it has allowed the focus of the club officers to be on improving and growing rather than endless mundane admin.

I’m a massive fan!”

Steve Clancey, SLH, by email 14th October 2016