The benefits of Makesweat in your club

Makesweat helps sports clubs provide online services for their members. So what does Makesweat give your members, and your management?


The benefits
Convenience for your members
  • Book and pay for sessions and events anywhere, by desktop or mobile
  • No need to remember cash to pay for sessions
  • Easy to view all sessions attended and payment history
  • Email reminders when passes or memberships expire
  • Member data isn’t shared with any social or advert network
Reduced club administrationfinance_accounting_business_office_happy_children_humor_iStock_000019070527Medium
  • Reduced or removed cash collection at sessions
  • We’ve observed higher payment compliance / lower leakage (more money collected); less excuses if members can simply pay online
  • Massively reduced administration. We’ve observed members booking in advance voluntarily, even when this isn’t mandatory
  • Automated services – email reminders of membership expiry means that members expect to have to renew
  • Makesweat can record cash collected as well as online payments; club income is accurately recorded payment by payment, at source
  • Club accounting made super easy due to single source of all income data
  • Member data is held securely on our servers within your jurisdiction and allows your club to meet Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations


What are the costs?

Find out about Makesweat pricing from the main title bar. In short, after 3 months free, it’s exactly the same cost as Paypal.


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