The easy way to move to Makesweat

We are passionate about making Makesweat the absolutely easiest, simplest way for clubs to get online. This is a short guide to the steps that will make it simple for your clubs members to get online. It’s absolutely normal to encounter a little resistance to change, and great planning and preparation will help hugely.


Consult your members!

Our experience shows that members will take varying lengths of time to start to use Makesweat, from the keen early adopters who put up profile photos up before you even mention it, to others who will seem like they’ll never login. Before anything else, bring your members into the decision, and guide them to the benefits of going online. Maybe conduct an informal poll of your members and ask them if they’d like to be able to pay online, then let them know the result, then tell them when they’ll be able to pay online for sessions. We can help with physical flyers and information so your members feel informed and comfortable.


Set up passes and payments

Give us a call and tell us what you want users to pay for. It’ll likely be some combination of annual membership, fixed period or multi-session passes. We’ll then build the pass system for your club. You can do this yourself with our easy to use administration area, but we’re happy to do it for you.


Register with

Please head to and signup for your club. You’ll need this registration to enable payments for your members through Makesweat. You can then follow the link in the admin area of Makesweat to link your Stripe account.


Embed a Makesweat widget on your site

It’s as easy as two lines of code (that we supply) to embed a widget onto your existing club site. There’s no need for any server changes, it all happens in the area where you usually edit the site contents.

Here are two example of embedded widgets in real use


Start simple, start small

We recommend starting with one type of session and then growing. Choose the most suitable session where you can engage with members and explain how the new system will operate. If you’re around London we’d be pleased to come along and introduce ourselves and Makesweat at one of your club sessions.


Set up required member information – Optional

Email a copy of your blank club membership form, or a list of all the information items you’d like to collect about your members (e.g. emergency contact, date of birth, etc.). We’ll use this to build a custom information list for your club. For a period of time, we’ll then make it essential for members to fill out this information when they pay for anything, so you will quickly end up with a refreshed database of member information.