Help : Admin... : Events : Add and remove attendees

As a club administrator, you can add and remove people from your club events. This guide shows you how to complete the most common steps.


Get to the Manage Attendees list

1. Login to Makesweat. Larger devices show a left hand menu with a Login button on the top. On smaller devices you’ll need to click the Makesweat logo in the top left to see the dropdown menu.

2. Go to the event you want to manage. The My Diary page has a calendar where you can find any past or future event, as well as the larger scrolling list of upcoming events. Click on an event to go to it.

3. Check you’re looking at the event you wish to manage, then click the cog symbol on the top right of the screen (highlighted above in red). Click ‘Manage event attendees’ (If you don’t see the cog, you don’t have administration permissions for this club.)

4. Scroll down on the page to the ‘Who’s coming’ section. It should look similar to this.

5. Find the person you wish to manage (either add or remove). The search bar and filters might help with this.

* If you can’t find a person, you may need to add them. Read about how to Add a new person to an event. *

6. Note what’s shown around the person’s name. A green border means this person is attending. An orange pass symbol means they’ve used a pass to sign in. A small eye symbol means they’ve been seen at the event (not all clubs use this feature.)

7. Click on the person’s name to show this dialog box. You are now ready to manage the user and their attendance. Look at the top text in the dialog to see whether or not the user is an attendee.


Add an attendee

You can add an attendee either before or after an event starts. It’s a good idea to encourage attendees to book themselves in before an event starts – it saves your time!

You have three ways to add the attendee.

  1. The attendee hasn’t got a pass and isn’t able to buy one at the time. Click ‘Attend without pass’ and the attendee will be added. (This is not recommended but may be necessary for clubs that allow members to ‘owe’ for events they’ve been to.) The attendee will be sent an email reminding them to buy a pass for this event.
  2. The attendee has a usable pass. Click the pass (it will be shown under ‘Passes with credit’) and the attendee will be added. The attendee will be sent a confirmation email.
  3. The attendee wishes to buy a pass. Choose a new pass and confirm that cash has been received. the attendee will be added and a receipt emailed to them.


Removing an attendee from an event

  1. Select the attendee
  2. Click the ‘Remove from event’ button
  3. The attendee will be sent a cancellation email.