This section explains how to create new types of pass for your club. Participants must buy (or get free) passes in order to attend your events.

  • You’ll see a list of passes. Click the green + button to create a new pass.



  • Title – A short title for the type of pass
  • Cost – The cost in your club’s currency unit (e.g. US Dollar, Euros, Great British Pound)
  • Default Credit
    • If used for an for an event (e.g. a yoga class, running race, etc.), one credit is used per event. To create a type of pass that would allow attendance at ten events/sessions, set this to 10. Set this to 0 (zero) if the pass type can be used for any number of sessions, e.g. an annual or monthly pass for as many classes as the participant wants to go to.
    • In the case of a booking (e.g. a squash court, room hire), one credit is used per 15 minutes of the length of the booking. It is recommended that this is set to 1 for bookings; the booking process will then multiply the Cost by the length (number of 15 minutes blocks) in a session. So a 1 hour booking would use 4 credits and costs four times the Cost.
  • Duration (Days) – The pass will expire after this number of days, no matter whether it has remaining credit. The purchaser will receive a warning a few days before expiry. Default Credit or Duration must be greater than zero.
  • Once per user – If set to ‘Yes’, the user can only use this pass type once. This is used for introductory offers.
  • Recurs – If set to ‘Yes’, the pass will be automatically renewed when it expires (and the user will have to agree to this to buy the pass). The duration must be at least 14 days for a recurring pass type.
  • Code – Enter a special code value here to give the user a ‘Special Pass’. e.g FREE1, HALFPRICE
  • Extra – This is for special cases and should not be used.
  • Notes – Enter longer information about the pass here.


Click ‘Add Pass Type’ to create a new pass.